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Core Features
That makes us Top Notch

Lead Generation

Throughout the chat session our dedicated support agent will answering their questions and collect customer email and phone details, along with the details of the inquiry. So, you can act promptly.

Continuous Engagement

Our chat agents will engage with your website visitors proactively to offer customized support as per your client’s preferences, which will lead to increase website traffic.

Social Media Support

Business is where your customer is and that's why we allow our clients on all social platforms for chat support and help them socialize.

24/7 Active

With the help of our professional live chat agents on your website, your business remains open 24/7.

Improving Conversion

Our experts pinpoint your site guests need and assist you with boosting your business change by multiple times.

Industries Specialist Support

We provide industries experienced professional.

Why You Need Nchat Inc

Reacting quicker to a lead or a potential client is going to leave a superior impression than making new clients (or any clients) stick around.

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Responding Faster | LEAD GENERATION

Standing by over 15 minutes to react implied losing almost the entirety of your likely leads.

Why? Since in the present quick paced world, individuals simply would prefer not to sit tight for a reaction.

Help People even when you’re not there

Now that we’ve covered how response times can have major impacts on lead generation, you might be thinking:
What if there is no one available to respond? how can I respond within five minutes?

Overcome Objections Instantly

How many times have you found yourself browsing a product, service, or website, and you were getting ready to purchase, but you didn’t?

You came across something that drove you away.

Or you simply had some questions that weren’t answered in an FAQ or support doc, so you clicked back to Google to check out another way to solve your problem.

NCHAT INC. | How We Works

Getting Onboard | Creating Knowledge Base | Agents Trainings | Go live


Getting Onboard

Nchat Inc. live chat support team helps you to get on board through a quick and simple sign-up method taking you to the next step of activation.

Creating Knowledge Base

Our team creates a customize smart knowledge base to make a live chat solution covering all your business and product requirements.

Agents Trainings

We train and families our live chat support team according to the knowledge base create related to your product, website or service.

Go live

Here support team is ready to face your visitors and acquires to achieve the relevant contact data to generate leads as well as answer their queries to transform into valuable customers.

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